“I joined EMP last year as a Revenue Manager in the Finance Department. I have contributed to the sustainability of EMP’s financial resources, and I am proud to be part of the dynamic changes led by the organization in Parcels and Express services, which will develop my capabilities and leadership skills through working with the group’s management. Engaging in such changes will increase the level of responsibility, thus, we are expected to exert more effort to level up to our leaders’ expectations, and as HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum says: “Our jobs are not tasks we perform, but lives we build. They are not a repeated routine, but a society we elevate. Our governmental jobs are not sources of living, but a key to civilization.”

– Fatma.

“I really thankful for the EMP which they have asked me for the feedback about our co. & coworker. I really appreciate for the same and I feel proud on it.

I have joined EMP family since November 2018 and liked the co-workers and superiors the way they are guide me all times.  

We have got the equal opportunity for promotions through internal staff recruitments process which really effective and boost the organization way to move forward.

The way to treat staff from higher management is really appreciated who guide us and motivated us.

We really thankful to our organization to take care of us same as a family member.

Organization is on the right path to get its targeted goals and we are fully supporting for the same.

EMP trainings are very helpful for the team & individuals to improve their daily activities related work (Especially micro learning program).

Staff have equal rights to raise their voice and being treated without discrimination of religious, region and gender.

Again specially thanks for the management who giving us opportunity for feedback which really matter for the co./EMP (Emirates Marketing and Promotions). 

Wishing all the best for company bright future!"

- Mehaboob Ayyub


The EMP sets clear and focused goals to prosper in every aspect of postal services. It also strives to be up-to-date with the different advances in all products and services provided by the EMP (Emirates Marketing and Promotions).

The EMP has also witnessed significant development in its services that target customers from all around the globe. The EMP (Emirates Marketing and Promotions) is well aware that outstanding work is the headline of this phase, and is moving forward to achieve the government’s objectives that go in line with the EMP (Emirates Marketing and Promotions) strategy, both of which aim to spread happiness, luxury, and excellence in providing services.

I have been working in the 6th postal region – Fujairah for 9 years, during which I received all I need from training and development in all of the fields of my expertise, and both financial and mental support. Furthermore, the company appreciates what I do to help achieve EMP’s vision and goals.

On the basis of transparency and integrity, the work environment is known for its team spirit and positivity. In addition, the company strives to spread awareness on the culture of happiness among its employees, represented in several initiatives. EMP also sets grounds for communication and interaction, including equality and sympathy among employees.

Thank you, EMP.”

– Saeed Mohammad Saeed Sureeh Al Kendy.

“My journey began with EMP since 2021 and still each and every day in EMP makes me feel refreshing.

There is a high level of autonomy given to even new employees and people are rewarded for good work.

The Senior Management is enthusiastic, transparent and approachable; and they always have a room to welcome new ideas and suggestions from these customers and employees.

Because of EMP training and development team, I am a proud Certified Customs Expert and Certified Logistics Professional.

The team is competent, amiable and always a helping hand in high work load days.

Despite of different nationalities, still it feels like home with them. Overall Great place to work and I am proud to be an EMP employee.”

- Shalini Singh Rathore

“EMP (Emirates Marketing and Promotions) contributed to the development of my capabilities and competences, and fostered the culture of positivity and happiness in me through providing a motivational working environment. In addition, in my profession as a Customer Happiness Center Manager, I pledge to spread this culture among our employees and customers.”

– Adnan Bin Hammad, Corporates Service Center Manager