Emirates Marketing and Promotions (EMP) FAX Services - Supplying individual fax machines with paper, toner, separate phone lines, etc. is costly. Lost productivity is also costly, as employees using standalone fax machines often print a document, go to a fax machine, and then wait for confirmation that the transmission has finished. In today’s integrated work environment, fax machines lack integration with common business applications that reside on computers – where most faxed documents are produced. Standalone fax machines lack tracking and security. Fax machines cannot provide an audit trail of who sent each fax, and inbound faxes with sensitive information can’t be directed to a specific user or group. While all faxing can verify that a document was received, it cannot ensure that the received fax was not lost or misplaced, or read by the wrong person..


Emirates Marketing and Promotions (EMP) POSTCARD Services -Our address finder and lookalike audience finder tools are designed to help you reach more people with postcards. Both require a Standard plan or higher, but all users can test them out when they create a one-time send postcard. When you choose to send to existing contacts, address finder looks for any missing mailing addresses. We might not find addresses for every contact, especially if some are in a country where this feature is currently limited. To ensure you reach everyone in your target audience, we recommend you use GDPR-friendly signup forms to collect and store physical addresses. If you import addresses, make sure they meet our specific formatting requirements, so that our system recognizes them. When you choose to send to a new audience, lookalike audience finder helps you reach people who aren’t in your Mailchimp audience yet but share interests with your existing contacts. Choose a Mailchimp audience and a location, and we'll build a new audience that's likely to engage with your brand.


Emirates Marketing and Promotions (EMP) CALL CENTER Services - A call center is a centralized department to which phone calls from current and potential customers are directed. Call centers can handle inbound and/or outbound calls, and be located either within a company or outsourced to another company that specializes in handling calls. Agents in an inbound call center may handle calls from current or potential customers regarding accounts management, scheduling, technical support, and complaints, queries about products or services, or intent to purchase from the company. In an outbound call center, an agent makes calls on behalf of the company or client for tasks, including lead generation, telemarketing, customer retention, fundraising, surveying, collecting debts or scheduling appointments..


Boost Your Brand Reach

Powerful tools to reach a large number of customers and direct traffic to your website at a very cost effective rates.

Email provides a credible and long-lasting way to connect with your customers, while SMS allows you to reach a filtered database of your targeted audience.

How we manage your campaigns

Before the campaign starts, we’ll receive your objectives and recommend the campaigns strategy and spend to achieve your goals. We’ll also set up conversion tracking so that you can monitor your return on investment.

Tracking conversions in a right manner is essential to measure results and also help optimize your next campaigns to deliver higher returns.

Content Marketing

How Content Can Help Your Business Grow

Content is not a selling tool, it is used to attract new users and increase awareness of your brand. We write website content for landing pages, blogs, social media posts, products and services descriptions.

Having a content writing strategy is nothing new, but optimizing your content takes expertise and precision. We write interesting and unique content to get you higher rankings and ensure visitors come back.

Planning & Strategy

The success of content depends on the strategy behind it. Planning and creating quality cross channel content, and curate it in a variety of formats will get your brand heard

From whitepapers, to guest posts, podcasts to video, we help our clients create effective content marketing campaigns to reach new audiences and to entice existing ones.