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Emirates Marketing & Promotions

Emirates Marketing and Promotions (EMP), a new subsidiary dedicated to providing state of the art and integrated solutions in direct marketing and promotions.

EMP Contact center is Business Process Outsourcing Service Provider offering customer experience management, back office services, inside sales channel management, professional services and digital services.

EMP Contact Center provides top-notch outsourcing and call center services by focusing on high growth industries; mainly Technology & Consumer Electronics, Media & Communication, Fast Food, Insurance, Automotive, White Goods, Retail, Health care, Travel & Hospitality, E-commerce, Government & Public Service, Real Estate...among others.

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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

EMP contact center provides a variety of certified voice Customer Experience services that enhance your day to day performance in the various business processes in your organization. EMP is your trusted outsourced partner in all your BPO and Customer Experience requirements.

Customer service experience support Part of our main Customer Experience Solutions to the Middle East allow you to maximize the lifetime value of each and every one of your customers by providing superior post-sales service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Improving your customer loyalty will enable you to maintain your customers and save the costs of acquiring new customers. Customer excellence range from responding to your customer's inquiries and solving their problems, up to maintaining high customer satisfaction rates through personalized outsourced solutions.

Back Office Services

Back Office Services

EMP Contact Center provides a variety of non-voice Contact Center and BPO Solutions that enhance the customer experience management along with your day to day interactions with your customers through a proven track record with our expertise in outsourcing solutions across all our sites in middle east.

Data management We mainly focus on handling low to medium transactions, including the internal operational processes of all companies, by making a complete customization of the dashboard according to the requirements of each client. Other services also include data entry functions, direct conversations, email management, and WhatsApp requests for more than 8 languages.

Digital Service

Digital Service

We help our clients to get a comprehensive customer experience management, EMP enhances the integrated Omni-channel CX management Solutions For the Social Media Management technology, we give our clients the option to outsource their work with renowned technologies that give deep analysis their customers on social media conversations across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and extends to virtually all public data on open blogs, forums, and micro websites, with the ability to flag the top influencers, trending topics, sentiment analysis and a lot more including deep profiling of online communities that exceed the traditional demographic analysis.



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Facility Management

EMP team has been working for years to serve service companies that provide building facilities

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Government & Public Services

Government organizations are always on the lookout to decrease costs




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